Do you get enough vegetables ketones forming Diets?


common question I get about low carbohydrate diet and ketogenesis has to do with whether they are healthy, if they provide enough vegetables and fiber, and will eat more fiber rich carbohydrates prevent ketosis.

Lets break down these questions. The normal timeline of ketogenesis diet is two weeks ‘induction’ by stages (of the Council of the length) with increased carbohydrate levels. At the beginning of treatment you would only take less than 20 g / d of carbs. This is really the only time you would have to worry about monitoring whether you’re in ketosis. You can follow ketotic your position (I do not ketotic is a real word, but you know what I mean) with Ketostix. During this period, you really have to be careful about your carbohydrate intake and ketostix are useful to track ketone production.

After two weeks you can increase carbohydrates up to 50 g / d. These carbohydrates should come primarily in the form of vegetables so you should not feel like you have to limit your vegetable intake too much because 50 grams of carbohydrates give you …

* 12, 5 cups broccoli florets or

* 7 cups of cooked spinach or

* 1 head of cabbage or

* 7 medium red peppers or

* 8 cups of cherry

So as you can see … No, you do not have to limit your intake of fibrous carb because as you can see from the list that would require a lot of fibrous carbohydrates top 50 grams / today. You do not have to worry about monitoring urinary ketosis beyond the induction period, however, just watch your fat loss.

Now that the transition to the other part a matter of getting vegetables. 1 serving of broccoli is acutally only 1/2 cup so if you just ate broccoli you would get 25 servings of vegetables per day (not that I recommend to eat only broccoli – math is just easy for example). Current recommendations regarding intake of vegetables is only 5 servings (2.5 cups) per day!

my clients and other people who use the Naked Nutrition always eat way more fruits and vegetables than is currently recommended, even when the lower carb diet. Also Dr. Jeff Volek anecdotally once told me that people who engage in small studies carb diet he runs the University of Connecticut always find themselves eating more vegetables on a low carb diet compared to normal eating habits.

As you transition from weight loss to diet maintenance you will increase your carbohydrate intake even more. I recommend that you do this by adding more fruits and vegetables as well as fiber rich cereals.