Tips and techniques to learn math


I started my part time job as a math teacher from my graduation and I understand the frustration of the student when he has an issue with grasping math concepts and doing homework when no one is around to help. I agree that everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses when we come to learn skills in various subjects. This does not prevent someone who is determined by studying mathematics especially when this subject is his weakness.

My advice to this student is going back to basics and review the ideas that appear in recent times. This could help the mathematical concepts are not introduced all at once, but gradually, with one based on other. With the revision of the old mathematical concepts, one is expected to have a better basic old ideas before he starts to get a new one. A proactive student not skip the speech he is to have but to confront them. He will try as hard as he could, figuring out the question and seek new ways to approach the question before asking someone. He will not see it as a daunting task, but rather challenging one. The problem is: Most student will avoid any such question at first glance, leaving them to their teachers

When help or assistance is available, resist the urge to ask for assistance .. Working out of the question as far as man can before attempting to do so. After much intense thought process and you still could not (really could not!) To figure out the first step in making the question, here comes the need to revise the section again and this shows that you do not have any knowledge of. However, if you can at least figure out the first lines of the solution, you need a certain understanding of the section you are still not sure about some techniques / methods to spread. And do you know what you do not know or unsure. Therefore, at this point of time, you need a teacher to enlighten you with / his guidance. The main thing here is, you must know what you do not know. Knowing this is going to be very effective in learning math because you can evaluate the solution presented by the instructor. You can differentiate what you know and only accept new ideas and different solution teacher is. So, a student dedicates himself more with what he did when he applied these methods compared to those receiving the projects blindly without some basic understanding.

Mathematics is all about work. Practice makes perfect and there is no shortcut in learning math. Keep practicing and expose you to different types of math questions and get as much experience as possible. This is very effective in learning calculus and trigonometry in particular because of the type of questions and their complexity to prove – you might think this method is right, but you may be wrong because there are various ways to approach this type of problem and at a certain time, you find yourself going round the question in vain without establishing a final answer. This requires a certain level of expertise that can only be achieved through experience. Keep practicing and you can rest assured that you are on the right track

Here are some tips for those who sit for the tests :.

to take into account before testing

  • Never burn the midnight oil the night before the exam. Those who do may find that they lose focus easily on the exam and some even have their mind blanking out. Start preparing your exam as soon as possible.
  • Avoid engaging in activities that could potentially make you sick.
  • Observe healthy diet to make yourself in tip-top condition.
  • Get yourself enough rest

Here are some things to consider while you sit for the exam :.

  • Ensure calculator is in good working condition. If you need to replace the battery, just replace it.
  • Do not spend too much time on one question. Students often stubbornly spend most of their time on one question just to figure it out. Exam questions are structured in such a way so that difficulties are jumbled up. You may find easier questions right after the harder one. If harder one is taking too much time, just skip it. Remember to revisit it later after you’re done with other questions.
  • Never enter the solution immediately, even if you think it’s wrong. Marks could provide from work, even if you get the answer right. Only enter it when you’re done with another solution, hopefully a better one.

I was once told by my lecturer of this fact. I feel that it is worthwhile for me to mention its offer.

All you have to learn on the internet. It is a great online resource. We are here simply just to guide you.

Happy learning math!