Being a Better Artist, scientist, mathematician, engineer, inventor, Leonardo Da Vinci


Leonardo Di Vinci, painter, sculptor, architect, musician, scientist, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, geologist, cartographer, botanist and writer, who was born and a symbol of the Italian Renaissance. He is known primarily for his paintings, among which include the famous Mona Lisa, the Last Supper, and the illustration of the Vitruvian man, which is seen as cultural elements in Europe, where coins, textbooks and bags have been built. Leonardo is more revered for his technical ingenuity, which he conceived ideas helicopter, a tank, concentrated solar power, a calculator. Leonardo had achieved so much in his life, and as a tribute to the great thinker I did some research and came up with clues that will bring us further towards how this great thinker the world.

genius Leonardo can be identified by understanding where he grew up, his experience, and also by how he digested the world around him. In this article I focus on the latter, how he digested the world around him, but the first two are obviously of paramount value to understand how he came to be. It all began in 1452, where Leonardo Da Vinci was born in Vinci Tuscan hill. Interestingly, Leonardo was not born with the name of the Lord, his name Da Vinci simply means “from Vinci,” marked by his birthplace. His father was fairly wealthy peasant and mother, and about his childhood, his father, who lived with had married four different wives. By the age of fourteen Leonardo apprenticed with the artist Andrea di clones, it was here that he was exposed to what could be labeled one of the best training in the art of Florence had to offer.

In order to understand the mind of Leonardo, we are going to take advantage theory spun psychologists and other mental health experts, the world is generally three procedures, visually, kinesthetically (with emotions) and hearing. The theory holds that people have a strength in either what is vision, what we can find, or what we can hear, and it is this strength that was a significant part of people work, personality and attitude of the events taking place around them.

“If you historians or poets or mathematicians had never seen it with your eyes and you would be ill able to describe the writings. And if you, O poet, represent the history of the show it with a pen, a painter with his brush, will then do what to be easier pleasurable and less tedious to understand “

Leonardo of his work has shown a clear preference for things that are visual. This is the first step to understand why he ended up showing art as well, way in which he saw the world. If one puts a clear specific selection of all things visual, had his time has been spent wondering visual images, drawing, painting, and illustrating. Saper Vedere (“knowing how to see”), this is what Leonardo put at the forefront of how he analyzed the structures, forms, nature and the world. For Leonardo, knowledge was simply taking an idea, a concept, and then conceptualizing it clearly pictorial way.

So how Leonardo drew so well, does not only look at the world through a visual point of view. This is an excerpt of Leonardo

“When you want to know anything well of the heart that you have studied this process: Once you have drawn the same so often that it seems that you know it by heart trying to do it without the model, but have traced from the model of a thin piece of smooth glass and lay this to draw you make without making Note well where you want to have it in mind in order. not to make mistakes again. Even the back of the model to copy the part where you were so wrong times and to fix it in your mind. “

This is a similar quote of Picasso popular in our time with Steve Jobs, to read “good artists borrow, great artists steal.” I both artists agree that to learn something one must first copy it, in fact, everything we do is based on something you have seen or experienced in the past, so every creation is based on copying before seen picture. Thus to be a great artist, or think alike to Leonardo, it is important that you allow yourself to be aware of this idea that all representations are simply the result of what we have experienced in the past. To learn something, be relentless in copy form in which it has been laid out.

If one is to learn how to speed up the tie, Leonardo suggests studying various types of facial features of heart. For example, as cited in his writings, “If you want to have a facility to keep in mind the expression of the face, first to learn by heart the various different types of heads, eyes, noses, mouths, chins, necks and also neck and shoulders … when you have to draw a face from memory, carry with you a small notebook in which you have referred to such actions, and so when you cast a glance at the face of the person you want to draw you can run privately and see who mouth or nose resembles it. “

Leonardo had thought a good time to review research on the levels to be awake and asleep. While lying in bed before you sleep, and just as you wake up are times where if you go over what you’re trying to learn, it will be easier to memorize. This is now explore the concept in psychology, there is a condition called trance, a trance unconscious learning is much easier.

Leonardo believed that in order for us to understand something we have to analyze it from different angles, cited when describing how he draws the human body, “it with my drawings every part must be known to you, and all of demonstrations from three different perspectives of each part. ” When drawing the human body, he also believed that it was necessary to take into account all factors, including the purpose of organ one draws, its beginnings, and also the status of transplant patients experience death. His drawings were not just pictures, they were too abstract map of the system that he drew.

When judging own photo Leonardo believed that it is wise to consider the human spirit, we are likely to face similar drag us that if we are ugly, we must draw a grim picture. He points out that we are less likely to see defects in our work as closely as others can, thus, he suggests looking at your work through the flat mirror, or go for a walk and then evaluate your work by relaxing. He also includes a view of the work from a distance will give a similar effect, it will allow you to see your work more so as it is, but what you want it to be. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” further promoted in today’s generation of Steve Jobs. Leonardo recognized the power of simplicity has beauty and class, it is possible to have something that is simple. Compare this with the popularity of the iPad many Microsoft products, iPad is actually a very simple device, simplicity seems market appeal.

“It is easier to resist at the beginning of the end,” first step can be difficult sometimes. When you start something new it must be admitted that in the beginning may greatest reluctance. And when working on a project it is advisable to follow your experience, not your mind, that “each device needs to be experienced.”

Last lesson I will present what I had learned by reading the works of Leonardo, was his desire to create something special, as cited “I wish to work miracles . ” The desire to create content from the ceiling was written about his work, in which he compares himself to Alchemist on more than one occasion.

In short, see Leonardo Da Vinci in the world can be better understood if one decides to take time and focus on the beauty of all that is visual, if you take your time to understand the purpose of things that you see . If you appreciate the idea to learn something you have to copy it to where it can be done without a guide, and the best time to learn something new is in the state of trance, just before bedtime or just when you wake up. When learning or detect something that’s extremely important to take multiple perspectives, and the desire to achieve the miracle is also necessary mix to level. Keep in mind the simplicity of the product once it has been completed, as it is the ultimate form of sophistication. Walk around with your laptop and keep in mind the importance of experience to the job, and the first resistance that may arise when pursuing new projects.