CAHSEE Prep – Math Tips


The mathematics part of the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) tests six main scope (called content strands). These areas are:

1. Number Sense

2. Data Analysis, probability and Statistics

3. Algebra Functions

4. Measurement and Geometry

5. Mathematical Reasoning

6. Algebra 1

These six areas making up the California academic content standards for grades 6 to 10. Since much of the material on the exam is different in nature it is important that students have a clear study plan when they start preparing for the math portion of the CAHSEE. Here are some simple tips study will help students maximize their learning time.

1. Learn one topic thread at a time. students should not skip around and learn the different content areas simultaneously. Instead, focus on one material strand at a time, learn that area, and then proceed to the next thread content.

2. Students should learn by solving job CAHSEE questions. This is one of the most important things that any student can do to really learn the CAHSEE. Students should not spend time reviewing the ideas in the text-book or watch the related class materials. Simply put, this is inefficient. The CAHSEE not tested every standard discussed in school and is not even to test all aspects of the standards that appear on the exam. Spend time solving practice problems ensures that students will not learn superfluous material. In addition, as students learn practice problems for more and more standards, their confidence will grow and this will improve their chances in general.

3. Make sure that the problem samples are standard-specific. Many companies that offer CAHSEE prep materials will be used questions withdrawn from the general test-bank practice material. These types of questions useless. The best sample questions will be directly tied to content specific state standard is tested especially CAHSEE.

If students follow these CAHSEE math tips that they will improve their chances of passing CAHSEE tremendously.