GED Math is hard?


If you are good with math, and GED math test is doable. If you hate math (or hate anything for that matter), you’ll have a hard time at 90 minutes GED math test.

What is the GED math test

Well for starters, the test is 90 minutes long. There are 50 questions. For half the class you can use the calculator as a test center provides. For the other half of the math test that you can not use a calculator. Forty questions are multiple choice. Ten questions have to be answered differently by using graph or perhaps the number line.

Four types of math questions

four types of math questions are number of operations, geometry, probability / statistics and algebra. Do these phrases strike a little fear in your memories of math? Relax, many college graduates felt the same way. (Strangely enough, my last year of college was Statistics. I did not enjoy it either.)

Mat GED math skills can be very important to you. Try to solve each of the four questions below to try to evaluate the (not fully) some math skills

Question -. Number of Operations

My outboard motor needs a gas: oil ratio of 50: 1 means that for every 50 shares of gas, I need 1 part of outboard motor oil. Gas tank for my outboard motor holds 6 liters and there are 128 ounces liter. I have 8 ounces outboard motor oil. How much more outboard motor oil do I need to buy?

  • 6 gallon X 128 ounces = 768 ounces
  • 768 ounces / 50 = 15.36 ounces motor oil needs
  • 15:36 ounces – 8 ounces of oil on hand = 7.36 ounces needed

Question – Geometry

The right angle triangle, if one of the corners is 70 degrees, what is the size of the third angle in degrees?

  • A triangle has three angles equal to 180 degrees (half circle). A right angle triangle has one angle equal to 90 degrees. 180 degrees – 90 minus 70 equals the third angle of 20 degrees

Question -. Probability / Statistics

You flipped a coin nine times and it came up heads nine times. In the tenth Flip, what is the probability that it will be heads?

  • No matter how many times you flip a coin, no matter how many heads you’ve got the order, which when you flip a coin is a 50/50 chance of getting heads or tails. Similar to the head 10 Flip is.5 (fifty percent)

Question -. Algebra

Solve for X in a statement. below

2x – 10 = 4 + x

  • 2x – x – 4 + 10 = x – x
  • x – 4 = 10
  • x – 10 + 10 = 4 + 10
  • x = 14

How can I study for the GED math test?

You need to assess your math skills. Mat math skills will help you determine both strong points and weak points in math skill sets phone. Then learn weak areas while maintaining the strength of strong spheres. You need a special approach to evaluate and improve, and test your math skills. You need help with GED math.

Here’s the best advice our GED math practice test help that allows you to pass the GED test.