Hypnosis can unleash human potential Hidden


There is a huge amount of scientific research in the literature indicates that remarkable hidden possibilities exist within the neuro-physiology of the typical person. Noteworthy results are easily obtained by viewing project on mental illnesses – such as autism, Savant syndrome (ie idiot savant) and stroke recovery – a constant record-breaking athletic performance in competitions like the Olympics and stories about ordinary people perform extraordinary feats a life-threatening stress. It is very obvious to even the casual observer that there is much more to the human experience, but we want to admit. These opportunities lie dormant within each and every human being. Despite the tendency to resist change, social condition and prone to mediocrity, it is a desire for greatness (or at least for the exceptional quality). At the same time, individuals and all social systems insist to suppress – and often even crucifying – then they think deviate from the gentle and natural. Nevertheless, a number of clues found in the general literature, there is a lot of evidence of the desire for extra-ordinary human capacity and desire for change in pop culture as well.

There is a superhero obsession of Eastern and Western culture. Just look at the Hollywood box office hits in recent years. Titles such as Spiderman, Batman Returns, Daredevil, X-Men, and even Harry Potter are just a handful of army of such films. Add to this constant gathering of similar fictional stories that find their way into homes through cable television providers. Even the hit series such as Heroes and The 4400 continue to satisfy the craving for stories about the almost magical human potential. As to import these movies and shows to their theaters, Eastern our cousins ​​always had their martial arts heroes, they often brought back to us in the form of Bruce Lee, Jet Li and Jackie Chan.

The remarkable feature of all these stories are always transitional ordinary person (often a flawed, mild mannered, and are in poor self-esteem) in person with unusual abilities While it may take a radioactive spider bite, unfortunate sudden blindness (of course, again caused by radiation), and / or care for a parent or parents murdered in front of their eyes, the fact that they represent always include unlimited human potential.

is so superhuman option only fiction? Some scientists think not. Darrel Treffert, MD, a Wisconsin psychiatrist, learned savants since his first day on the job back in 1955. He quickly one of ten autistic people have an increased mental capacity associated with a poor their IQ. More recently he began to use the phrase “accidental Savant” or “accidental genius” to describe someone who suffers from savantism due to an accident or illness. The latest hires Dr. Treffert and writings explore the possibility of phenomenal Savant symptoms induced in other ordinary people. Could it really be possible for an ordinary person to achieve savant-like abilities in mathematics, music, or less? If not, these skills vastly improve?

Dr. Treffert is not alone in seeing the potential average person is. Alvaro Pascual Leone, MD, of Harvard Medical School and Allan Snyder, PhD, of the University of Sydney (Australia) are just two of the many scientists who are actively looking into neural reorganization – which is a standard feature discovered in the newly disabled and recovering stroke survivors -. and inhibition of brain sector as a means of functional enhancements

Although Savant syndrome is not fully understood either psychologists or neurologists have all savants a commonality of parts of their brains are either not working or not communicating properly. As research on inhibition through Transcranial Magnetic (TCM) activation or through volitional restructuring the business brain, lack of competition between brain sectors often makes the chosen substrate to enhance performance. The key question here is whether inhibition and / or restructuring stimulate such enhancements, or if they just release existing dormant potential.

So where hypnosis comes in? If you do change your mind like hypnosis and meditation, you can see the obvious answer. In Why God will not go away Andrew Newberg, MD, and Eugene D’Aquila, PhD, point to an experienced meditator has the capability to inhibit brain activity. Especially by inhibiting the left frontal lobe function and reduce hyperactivity in the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC), the brain is freed of Treffert calls “the tyranny of the left brain.” This makes them more energy to flow to less used areas such as the right temporal lobe, which is a very important sector related to religious experience. Inhibition of the left temporal lobe also produces improved memories and artistic talent. Other studies show that intense meditation will produce thicker Neo-cortex and result in increased Gamma wave activity. Recently, Gamma waves have been associated with the ability of certain energy healers like Joyce Hawkes, PhD, once skeptical research biologist who transformed healer – after a serious concussion almost led to her death

Hypnosis has. capacity enhancing brain activity, like trance induction default inhibits the left frontal lobe activity. This is why time and space distortion is experienced in trance work. Increased perception of clarity of guided imagery should therefore be no surprise. However, logically, it can go much further. As Tibetan Buddhists sometimes talk about deep meditation cases of extra-sensory experience (ie siddhis) and often tell of miraculous feats of their masters, it should be no surprise that hypnotists when ordinary people experience extraordinary talent but in a trance.

There is a distinct possibility that professional Hypnotherapists and lay experts in the sectors of the license will come to understand why hypnosis has the potential to unleash phenomenal mental abilities that include vastly improved relationship between the mind and physical healing. However, during recent neurological and epigenetic research has uncovered a very interesting future for the brain and body, there will be increasing the role of spiritual healing work if all the points are to be connected. Will we find great possibilities in mind and body? We will redefine what it means to be human? We will re-connect science and spirituality? If we uncover superhero deep within each client or patient, the discovery be used to improve the world? As (aka Spiderman) Uncle Peter Parker said, “with great power comes great responsibility.” What will the world be like superheroes? Of course, if everyone had these sources, we would redefine mediocrity again (albeit higher) levels.




The branch of philosophy that aims to examine the foundations, assumptions and philosophical presuppositions of mathematics is called philosophy of mathematics .

If one considers the historical evidence thinkers who promote ideas pertaining to mathematics, are examples aplenty. These are the two main categories philosophers mathematics Western and Eastern Philosophers Philosophers

Western philosophers have some great names attributed to them, such as Plato and Aristotle .. Plato concentrated study of mathematical objects, especially ontological status. Aristotle, on the other hand, contributed to the field of logic infinity.

There was a great mathematician Leibniz, which focused primarily on the relationship between logic and mathematics.

study of philosophy, math is made interesting because of the following factors mathematics

o Mathematics based on a countless number of abstract concepts

o Wide application of mathematics :. It can handle multiple activities date our to-day life, as well as its application in physics, chemistry and even biology

o Infinite :. This idea is a peculiar man and has always attracted the interest of many philosophers

relationship between. mathematics and logic is one issue that has been a recurring one in the philosophy of mathematics. In the 20th century, the philosophy of mathematics is about set theory, proof theory, formal logic, and other such issues.

Violations of the 20th century, there were several schools of thought that philosophers mathematics held. At this time, three schools emerged, namely: intuitionism, logicism and formalism. In the early twentieth century, was also the emergence of a fourth school of thought: predicativism. Any issues that would come up at the time, each school would aim to resolve it or argue that the fact that mathematics is not as inevitable as opposed to those who believe mathematics to be “the most trusted knowledge”.


There is a thesis that mathematics can be reduced to logic, thereby making it a component logic. According to the movement, the foundation of mathematics lies in logic and therefore all statements of mathematics are nothing but logical truths.

Simply put, this thesis suggests that mathematics is nothing but logic in disguise.


This is attributed to the work of Brouwer. Intuitionism says that mathematics is an act of construction. This includes mental structures.

This reform program methodology of mathematics, it is believed that there are no mathematical truth that has not been observed.


This program is considered works of David Hilbert. According to Hilbert, natural numbers can be thought of as a symbol, and not as mental structures, as opposed to their theories Intuitionists. These symbols are the main parties. And as far as higher mathematics is concerned; His statements are strings of symbols, which have been interpreted as yet.


Usually, predicativism would not be considered as one of the primitive schools. This program is considered works of Russell.

Now let’s turn our attention to other contemporary schools of thought that have emerged in recent times.

Mathematical Realism

This application but the math is not invented by man, it is only discovered. For example, shapes such as circles and triangles in nature like a real party.


It is a form of realism. According to empiricism, math is not possible to believe that knowledge without experience (Priory).

Math facts can be discovered by empirical research. All knowledge is acquired due to the observation that we take in through our senses.


Followers of this program in the belief that mathematical statements can be viewed as the consequences of a number of procedures applicable on the strings of numbers. There is another version of the formalism: .. Deductivism

There have been many cases mathematicians have been intrigued and drawn this matter of mathematical philosophy because of the sheer sense of beauty they perceive in it

One can only to the fundamental philosophical question, which is beginning to get the publicity it is worth: What is the mathematical understanding


Business Mathematics


Business mathematics involves the interpretation and evaluation of tables, graphs and charts, calculate markups and discounts and solve problems related percentage, ratio and proportion; make sure the cost of the unit, reduced costs for receipts, the total cost; budgets; financing; costs assessed against money; credit; comprehending income, payroll taxes and deductions; study federal income tax annual accounts; compare different system of financial investment; Knowing the sale including tax, utility, property and other additional taxes; assessment of insurance applications; knowledge of the cost of production and evaluation of companies.

One must be good at math in order to pursue entrepreneurship? In a world where computers and software complete knowledge gaps in mathematical calculations and pen-and-paper, it seems hardly necessary.

When math skills are necessary?

Learning general system is important but knowing basic calculations involved. The main objective is the one to have a strong understanding of math concepts. Computers perform most of what is considered the real math day for you.

job entrepreneur is only with the right number and the software will provide the right answers. It is primarily useful when making plans for sales, costs and cash availability in a fast and accurate way. It is also useful in the preparation of financial plans and will come complete with charts and reports. No calculation or generation of formulas or structures of the reports or graphs is done by a person

Important accounting are designed with simple data entry. the simple touch of a button, you will receive income statements, balance sheets, income forecasts and annual budgets; and the study of important performance metrics.

It looks like it is simple, however, you will have the ability to understand the results. Precision is important when entering numbers into the software. Instead of simply putting confidence in software, it is important that you have a personal understanding of mathematics because it will benefit you.

employers do well in math?

Calling sustainable may well be performed by those with average-level math ability. However, most successful entrepreneurs outstanding mathematics default by a good understanding of the subject in the business is important.

How knowledge of mathematics help entrepreneurs?

being an entrepreneur is tiring, but a good understanding of mathematics, can help you to avoid some of the mistakes that you will meet the manager of your own business. The ability to find a solution to two plus two is just not enough. Successful entrepreneurs use mathematical calculations to know the odds, target potential consumers, food and pay taxes and compound investment performance.

What other methods can help pioneer perfect mathematics of his talent?

The ability to focus is the key to doing well in math. From the beginning, is an important resource for entrepreneurs, it is important that they have to do well in mathematics in a fast and high. Regardless of how important it is, the entrepreneur does not have the extra time to go back to school and learn math concepts

one has to highlight the most important sections of mathematics, then choose a course in college to pay attention pay for business mathematics applied to entrepreneurship, and know which terms will probably appear repeatedly in real situations.


Math Questions to Improve problem solving skills


A key to success in mathematics is rigorous practice. Most of the students are reluctant to spend part of their study time to practice math questions, for various reasons, ranging from boredom to inability to solve problems on their own. The process of solving the problem is a lot to teach the students; method involved, the application of the theory, the opportunity to find alternate methods, and the opportunity to monitor and optimize the thought process involved.

Math Questions & Answers for practice

To ensure that practices are effective, try to solve a variety of problems, the same material. Students sometimes make the mistake of sticking to the type of problems they know how to solve well. While it’s a good idea to get familiar with the materials that come easily to you, do not neglect other problems. The best way to ace exams and tests to gain a comprehensive understanding of the material learned.

Many different types of math questions and problems can be found online math help websites. They are grouped by grade, subject and difficulty levels, which makes it easy for students to read and select the worksheets that they would like to work on. Online resources are easy to access and use and students looking for something in particular, like algebra or calculus questions questions, for example, will be able to find it quickly. They are also math games and quizzes to provide variety and make learning more interesting.

help to solve math problems

Solve math problems can be time consuming and you don ‘t always necessarily get it right. Students generally tend to wait until before the test SWOT hard and memorize several methods, and hope that will cover all the problems. Another option students have to start working on math problems early in the school year by getting extra help outside the classroom. All students are able to learn math if it is explained clearly, what they understand. This is where one of the single mathematical solvers come.

Signing up for an outside math help has helped hundreds of students pass the subject with great class and get rid of their aversion to mathematics. It is an effective and develops the confidence of students in their abilities. When the teacher works with one student at a time, they can focus on the question of each student and issues of substance. Online math help is relatively more affordable and easy way to get help with math problems.


Luck, Mathematics, and Lottery – Pick 3 Lottery Secrets


Knowing what lays behind the pick 3 lottery secrets can turn anyone into an instant millionaire. It’s everybody’s dream to win the lottery and have a lot of money overnight. That is why a lot of people take their number to luck and chance.

More often than not, tend Lotto players select random numbers that have significant meaning as birthdays and anniversaries. Little do they know that the more random numbers will be less likely you are to work; 1 :. In 1000 the opportunity to be exact

Pick 3 lottery secrets have something to do with math. It is an easy way of manipulating the numbers to get the exact winning digits. You do not have to be a mathematical genius to understand the principles behind lottery betting systems. It is as simple as knowing what to look for and when to look for it.

Of course, lottery games basically considered a game of luck. However, there are some things you can do to increase your chances of winning, these are the pick 3 lottery secrets you need.Aside use the Pick 3 lottery betting systems, other guidelines can help increase your chances of winning not just pick 3, other games Lotto as well.

Play the lottery games that have lower jackpots can increase the chances of winning a greater amount of money. This is because few people play lottery games with a small jackpot so you do not have to worry too much about sharing a pot of money with anyone. Also, avoid picking the same numbers that have come up in the past reduces the chances are, they will not come back, or if they do, it will be very, very, very long time.

Be sure to check the target while minimizing. You could be holding winning tickets and be unaware of it. This could be thousands of dollars unclaimed. Different countries have set a deadline to claim the prize and you would not want all that money to go to waste, would you?

The lottery is a game of chance and luck. You never know when your numbers come up, so be sure to play regularly and be patient. Of course, a lottery betting systems like the one for the Pick 3 will not hurt and is sure to increase your chances of winning.

play the lottery is a favorite game among many because they enjoy it. With a little luck and mathematics, you just might have the pick 3 lottery secrets you need to be the one to hit the next tub.


3 Simple Math mnemonics – How to use mnemonics to consider Math rules and data


With a lot of complicated rules and certain numbers, Math can be challenging. Using a mathematical Mnemonic can greatly simplify all rules and let you never forget a logical sequence to follow when dealing with math problems.

You are going to learn three simple math Mnemonic examples that will show you how to overcome math problem and be fast and efficient to answer questions.

mnemonics are memory improvement tools that help turn hard data, facts or rules in an easy to remember the order. Mnemonics commonly used acronyms, phrases and rhymes that are much easier to remember than abstract rules

Math Mnemonic Example:

Pi – Pi is a common concept in mathematics. and the first digits can be memorized by a simple mathematical Mnemonic. Pi = 3.1416 (rounded to four decimal places) to remember a series of numbers that we can use the phrase “I can speak” since the size of the word associated with a number (maj = 3, I = 1, Contact = 4, A = 1, Number = 6). So when we have to write down Pi, we simply need to remember the phrase “may I speak.” You can also extend this to more places using the same method

circumference of a circle -. For this equation we use the term “ C Herry P ie D elicious” corresponding to the C = Pi * Diameter

Metric measures -. In order from largest to smallest is Kilo, Hecto, Deco, Units, Deci, Centi and Split. So remember this in order, we will create a sentence where the first letter represents the measurement unit “ K ing H ECTOR D oesn’t U sually D rink C old M ilk. ”

As you can see, using mathematical Mnemonic very simple rules and remember number. You can use these techniques to help you remember all kinds of rules of mathematics.


The young teacher Guide to the first day of the relief / substitute teacher


Here is what one might call a daily checklist for major relief / substitute teacher. The list is an attempt to put in chronological steps or actions that you need to do or perform every day in your role as a relief / substitute teacher. For beginners, it is designed to relieve you of the process on the first day

On Arrival

– .. Bring at least 30 minutes before the school day begins

– Report deputy principal or office to get a teaching project website, keys, name labels, school manual activation and so on

-. Read staff induction manual. In particular, comments emergencies, illnesses associated with class and discipline policy

– .. Find the room and check the blackboard the teacher for days program

– Check all the instructions. work sheet, photocopying, text books and resources you need and where they are

– Meet teaching your partner or a teacher in the next room so you can seek help quickly in an emergency or to explain what you need to do or where to get teaching resources

-. Make sure you understand what you are teaching or control. If you think that there could be a problem for you in what has been set, for example, in practical teaching, seek clarification from teaching your partner or the administration. This security will be a concern for you and your class

– .. Take a room and where all the physical equipment that you need to use during the day is kept

– Check you have the class roll

– .. Find supply chalk or white Markers

– Copy any topic you want. You may need to get a code to use the copier

For The Class Work

– .. Write your name on the right hand side of the table

– Write detailed instructions left with classroom teachers for the class on the table for each lesson a day

-. Offering class in Observe body language, gestures and facial expressions of students as they move into the room .. As well, watch where students sit and to sit down and then gets up and leaves. These tests will often give you clues that could discipline problems. You might remind people to sit in their assigned place you have seating plan from the class teacher (even if you are not)

-. Learn

-. Mark class roll. Make a note of the names and where they sit on those you think might be a problem in the English term. Then you will be able to use their names, if the question is

-. Distribute any resources on the bench. Explain orally, the teacher guides for each period today. Refer students to the board as well. You may also write out the steps class could follow to do assigned work

– .. Explain your expectations for behavior and work ethic

– Set goals for academic work to do, including when you want to stop progress and mark answers if we

– .. Wherever possible, quickly introduce material or detail important concepts students need to know for the lesson

– Offer to answer questions and provide help in English term

-. If common problem occurs, teach the whole class or section in trouble, how to complete the task

-. at the end of the lesson is guaranteed what students need to know about the future


-. Use exactly as school discipline codes or procedures that students will understand. They have no room to maneuver

– .. Explain your expectations of behavior and work ethic in the beginning of time

– Accept ‘slow to anger “approach. Expect the best, and when it is not forthcoming , quietly remind the offender of what is expected

– .. use school code only if you are not getting any cooperation

– For serious discipline problem, seek immediate

-. As a precaution introduce you to the teachers who are teaching in the adjoining room so you can seek help and immediately. They will often take direct student / s’ of your hands “

– .. Write a report on the problems you have, what you did to relieve this problem and corrective action

– You can ease the problem by the students away from other

-. Make sure the transfer in the room constantly so you can keep track of all that the students are doing. You can easily check your work output and keep them on task

-. When you feel the student is gone ‘to sail close to the wind “, ie he / she is to behave badly, walk up to them and ask them quietly if they need assistance or ask to see their efforts so far and offer advice on how to continue. This will often get them back on track

– .. Do not allow students to cross the boundaries of what is normal, acceptable behavior

The End of the Day

– Collect all the resources. Have class tidy room, thank the class for their cooperation and dropping them. Last to leave the room and lock the door

-. Write a report for class teachers explain progress in each lesson, homework set and any problems may have come. I always appreciate teachers to produce they gave me, especially if it has made my day easier

– .. Put the report plus all the worksheets in a prominent spot on his desk in the class room

-. Return keys, name tags, activation school books back to the school office

– If there has been a problem, be sure to let decision makers know

-. Make sure you sign and return all pay documents.


The Magic of Mathematics


I remember when I was back in high school mathematics. It was to reduce! Many problems with several solutions given on the back of a math book memory and many times my teachers just do not take the time to work on homework problems, so I got quite frustrated. They were busy meeting the requirements of the principle and delivering programs set for them.

So were poor slaves in the education system. But despite this frustration, I found too much “grace” in mathematics. In fact, I complete five math classes for four years in high school (algebra, geometry, algebra two, precalculus and calculus), and even considered a career as an actuarial mathematician.

However, over the years after college, I feel in love with computers and computer programming, software, documentation, and have taken steps recently to restore my love for mathematics. I finished my MS Mathematics Education at Nova Southeastern University and have recaptured my math skills. Mathematics is magical because it helps you to “reason” your way through problems in small steps until a final solution is found.

math, in many ways, is philosophical and helps the student learn to reason from within the parameters of certain principles of mathematics and law. So it’s a real blessing to be able to think in this way. In the world of business, we are presented with the parameters of the job or task, and will work towards a solution, but at the same time respecting the very parameters that define the project. This is the real “magic” behind the math: you learn to “use the rules” and rather than see them as an obstacle, you begin to see them as real helpers towards a final solution

Mathematics is. a great skill and must be applied in business – financial as. Experts from both professions have much to gain by opening the old math books and win some problems. They get back in touch with the core of decision-making capacity. This may mean back to them in many ways -. And soon they will find themselves face at work and in all the number-crunching efforts

Regards, Keith Johnson, Webmaster “FreeMathRescue.com”


Advanced Math – what does it all mean


If you think math is a difficult subject, you should try to learn some of the more advanced branch as abstract algebra before coming to such a conclusion. It is in these higher realms of this most famous material you learn about mathematical structures like groups, fields, and rings, and the assets involved in these things. After a jaunt through such mysterious realms, one comes up with a new increase in this most fascinating material.

What depth article mathematics as Abstract Algebra concern themselves with? In a nutshell, this field is trying to classify and categorize math sets with the result to be able to solve problems that share certain characteristics. To make clear the previous described mumbo jumbo, let’s look at some examples. Take a set of linear equations, which take the form of y = ax + b , where a and b are any real numbers and not 0. The set of all such equations forms a mathematical class and as a result, any member of this set shares number of similar properties. The variable constants a and b, determine such differences slope line and the point at which the graphic, the line crosses the y-axis, also known as the y-intercept.

By studying such a set of objects, mathematicians can sort the properties contained in the class and thus draw conclusions about what is and is not possible for this set. For example, in a linear equation Class Y = ax + b, we can rewrite this as ax + by = c , again as a, b, and c are real numbers and a and b are not 0 ( If they are 0, then we no longer have a linear equation in x and y.) Now if we limit a, b, and c in a subset of the real numbers, and integers, we have a new category called linear Diophantine equations . This will be a curious set of things, and one that finds itself rich in real life. For example, many applications in the real world require such a solution of linear equations with the restriction that a, b, and c are integers. An example would be in agriculture, where such rule could represent cattle lactation.

Suppose the town, there are two types of cattle, which we shall call A Cattle and livestock B. Cattle A output 30 gallons of milk a week, and Cattle B output 40 liters of milk per week. For the town to meet the delivery of its quota, 1,000 liters of milk per week needed. How many of each type of cattle to meet this quota?

Such problems need mathematicians to learn the class of linear Diophantine equations. By analytically dissecting this class and find common assets and properties, mathematicians can finally solve such a “bull” raise questions. When learning this class, mathematicians will come up with certain immutable or hard assets that put the class together. These features will be hard theorems that can be used to determine whether some of the problems can be solved or not. In fact, it was the study of second order Diophantine equations that led to the last sentence of historical Fermat, which was only resolved recently. This problem was unresolved for hundreds of years, after being on the edge of the manuscript by the French mathematician Pierre de Fermat.

So if you think the more advanced mathematics provider just confused, think again. It is this higher range that allows us to relentlessly continue in technically oriented world. So you come to appreciate this higher range, in some future articles I will continue to explore this topic in more detail. For now chomp on what you have and begin to appreciate this most amazing field.


How to Reduce Math Anxiety & gain confidence in math


For many students, learning math in school can be a stressful experience. The concepts are new and the subject is complex. Furthermore, understanding of mathematical principles is cumulative in nature, which means that a complete understanding of the fundamental concepts is absolutely crucial for the understanding of more advanced concepts can be attempted. For students who may not have understood early math lessons can feel like they can never “catch up” to the curriculum plan. However, the mathematics does not need to be so frightening material. In fact, learning math can be fun, the pleasure solve complex mathematical problems pleasure unlike any other.

The source math anxiety varies from person to person. For some students, math stress caused by the embarrassing situation in math class, so that teachers work on the student to answer a difficult question. When a student struggles and will be put to shame, low math stress may develop.

Furthermore, in many classrooms, math is taught as a series of formulas and equations. The concepts behind the issues involved are not really addressed fully. When students memorize formulas just do not understand why the formula looks the way it does, it creates a lack of understanding that can occur as frustration. If a student does not understand how the formula works, the student will often unable to identify the complex issues that require the formula if some other conditions are not standardized.

Unfortunately, sexism sometimes plays a role in the differences between the development of mathematical abilities between the sexes. Through the years more people into the realm of mathematics, science and technology. This fact has strengthened within women tend to shy away from the study and practice math.

In order to overcome math anxiety, the student must first recognize that he / she has some level of math stress. The next student will start to work with a mentor to fill in any gaps in understanding and begin to understand more mathematical concepts. Working with teachers either in person or online is absolutely necessary to have a direct, one-on-one attention that can help the student achieve his / her maximum potential. The most effective way to reduce stress is mathematics for a student to really achieve proficiency in mathematics. To get skills in mathematics, students really need to engage in one-on-one mentoring to promote / her understanding of his mathematical concepts.

Online Tutoring has come a long way in recent years. With a variety of advances in Internet technology, it is becoming increasingly easy to conduct online sessions teaching, where the teacher and student can communicate back and forth in the online classroom. In the class, it is possible for a student to share math problem with the supervisor and the teacher can then solve the problem of audio-visual for the student. Both teacher and student can talk to each other using their computer microphone and speakers. Online teaching experience can be very productive and useful one for the student.