Sudoku Mental Skills – Why Sudoku is good for children


Sudoku is a puzzle game consisting of numbers. Like any game can take possession of our children, play Sudoku has all the elements of a good puzzle game: fun, excitement and intellectual challenge. It is simply addictive – in a good and positive sense. However, more than these recreational values ​​Sudoku offers for avid gamers her Sudoku also developing more than the numerical skills of the child.

Cognitive Assessment Cognitive assessment of grids and especially the numbers given in the grids, develops in the child the ability and skills to analyze codes in separate columns and to keep these numbers necessary to establish a correct numerical answer.

elimination By evaluating the numbers are already found in certain cells in Sudoku grids, the child can employ the process of eliminating these given numbers to establish the potential Numerical.

Logical Thinking By the numbers already given and grids that need to be filled with phone numbers that have not yet been lifted possible answers, the child can develop logical thinking his or her as deduction and induction.

Analysis To bring the possible numerical, the child should be diagnosed by a process of elimination and food to try out a number if it fits into the grid or not.

Today, the gaming world developed more skills in our baby but we could

ever have imagined. If we can buy our kids virtual gadgets gaming and consoles develop motor skills their alertness and reaction, how and what more reason we need to keep encouraging them to play Sudoku games or buy them as Electronic Sudoku clearly develops much, much more skills and mental skills in them?