How to prepare for the GRE math games


As we get to the time of year when college and graduate school applications are due (November and January – Forgot?), Many people’s attention turns reluctantly towards a necessary evil on standardized tests. For adults hoping to go to graduate school, it is particularly nerve-wracking time. I tried to help my students to relieve some of the angst and make work a little more fun to make for the use of vocabulary and math games to build those skills.

There are three major obstacles that must be faced when taking standardized tests (SAT, GRE and GMAT) is a step toward collecting admission to universities and most graduate and MBA programs

– problem solving skills: the ability to look take the information and use it in the most efficient way to answer the specific question;

– game play skills: Understanding the rules and situational structure and use them to your advantage rather than a limitation; and

– basic math and language skills -. The calculation, arithmetic, geometry, algebra, vocabulary, grammar and reading for general understanding

Although most test-takers focused on math and language skills as the main challenge they will face in taking the test, the first two challenges can really be difficult to overcome. School earlier in 1990 not teach interdisciplinary problem solving skills and few people think of strategy game play unless they have timed play chess or other strategy games. Interestingly enough, sports games generally encompass these two latter challenges and sometimes all three when you take into account the statistical analysis, but makes conceptual cross over from football GRE is not an easy one for most people.

Most math and language skills needed to excel in the exams were, at some point, studied the test-takers academic or business process. By the time an adult has been through four years of college and then spent some unspecified time in the workplace, are these “basic” skills rusty. Many students confuse the rustiness with an inability to perform or lack of knowledge. Generally, a little spice and exercise is enough to lubricate the joints.

I have found that one good way to simultaneously hone all these skills and to prepare students for these tests include a vocabulary building and math games.

This includes:

or card game,

or board games,

, or video games,

o mobile application for

o iPhone,

o blackberry

Well, gamers can emulate and they are fun, so that students are able to practice without the pressure of performance challenges faced in these test conditions. This is important to help reduce “test anxiety” which can also be a huge factor in poor test performance.

So, proceed with the preparation of books, classes, and teaching. These are all effective way to prepare for exams. But, for a little fun and learn in the mix, go out and find a pair of vocabulary and math games you enjoy, especially those online and iPhone game application that you can play anywhere. All work and no play does not end up getting Jane or John to college choice.