Healing Fractals – The mathematical nature


When is the last time you looked at the clouds, or looked in amazement at the forest or supposedly amazing symmetry snow flake? If your childhood was lived before the computer age, looked likely nature often.

Think patterns in nature that you have performed. Veins in the back of a leaf, the randomness of the growth in the forest, even conch shell you can keep your ear to listen to the “sea.” Simply keep these images in your mind helps relaxation.

Nature is filled with a repeating pattern. Symmetry snowflake results from repeated patterns one part of snowflakes. With expensive optical store you could follow these repeating patterns in the atomic level. If you were a gambler you would be able to construct mathematical formula for that ever-repeating pattern called fractals. If you’re not a gambler, you can buy a program to develop its own fractal lightning your design.

Some fraction would call a state of relaxation in the viewer. Most people find walking in the garden or the forest relaxing. Being surrounded by nature has this effect. Photographs and paintings of nature can also cause a relaxation response. Relaxation in a personal memory that being in nature is like, or is it because of the repetitive design, fractals in nature?

I’m going to tell both true.

The fractals can now be designed using a computer program, some patterns will be found in nature and some will not be. Using computer generated fractals, let’s consider the possibility that some fractals have a quality that encourages relaxation.

Here’s a little experiment you can try. (Complete reading the instructions before you make your search.) Use the keywords “fractals, images” in your favorite search engine. The one I used was more than 3 million photos. Click on one of the links that have multiple images. You need to look at one picture at a time, not a single image of images.

Select a picture and just look at it. Notice how your body feels when you’re watching the movie. Are you more excited, or do you relax? If you find yourself relaxing, Fractal has produced a relaxation response. The relaxation response causes changes in the body, boost the immune system, which helps the body in healing.

Pat attention to what you look at it produces relaxation. There are patterns in the very design, whether by nature or human engineered, which assist in the formation of the relaxation response.

People who work in addition to the health sector are now incorporating doctors fractals in the design of their products and architecture. Examine the pictures and objects in your home or office. How does your body feel when you look at them? Relax excited? If the slack, the relaxation supports healing is induced. Observing this effect can help you decide if you want that piece of art or decoration in space.